The Funds

The original mandate for MPSIF called for a family of three equity investment funds (the "sub-funds") each pursuing their own separate investment theme. In conjunction with the Advisory Board, the inaugural student class selected the following three sub-funds: 

Growth FundSmall Cap FundValue Fund

Each sub-fund received an initial allocation of $600,000 from the donor's gift. The remaining $200,000 from the two million dollar gift is separately managed by Stern, from which funds may be used to pay for administrative expenses associated with the operation of MPSIF. 

In May 2002, in order to improve its operating efficiency, MPSIF established a separate Fixed Income Advisory Group to manage a Fixed Income Fund. The Fixed Income Fund is staffed by students who also are members of a MPSIF equity funds.

Investment Guidelines


Fund Holdings


Executive Committee


The objective of MPSIF is to maximize total return consistent with the risk appropriate for an endowment fund. The goal is to maintain real capital preservation and have some real growth. 

Each sub-fund operates under certain investment guidelines. For example, each fund may purchase U.S. securities including: stocks, bonds, money market instruments, mutual fund shares as well as foreign stocks and ADRs that do not incur special tax gains or losses. The funds may not acquire: commodities, derivative securities except under restricted circumstances, real estate, non-investment grade debt or penny stock securities, securities or other instruments that are not readily marketable (such as partnership interests). The funds may not borrow or lend funds or securities, or use any investments as collateral. Buying on margin is prohibited. 

In December 2004, the MPSIF Executive Committee established operating guidelines for maintaining a balance among the various MPSIF funds. The guidelines are: 

  • Rebalancing is triggered when any portfolio deviates by more than 10 percentage points from the initial policy portfolio allocation (i.e. <15% share or > 35% share).

  • The deviation must be sustained for at least 3 months as measured on June 30, July 31 and August 31 of any fiscal year.

  • The rebalancing date should be September 1 to minimize reporting problems in the Annual Report (FY ending August 31).

  • More than one sub-fund may own the same security, but no more than 3% of the total assets in MPSIF may be invested in any single company.

Fund Holdings

From time to time, we prepare a list of holdings for each equity fund.

For Spring 2018, the MPSIF Executive Committee includes
Vikram Gulati         President
Charles Perron-Piche           PM - Growth
Divya Singaravelu                 PM - Growth
Carolyn Silverman               PM - Value
Ila Agarwal          PM - Value
Tim Zhao                        PM - FI
Zheng Zang                 PM - FI
Faculty Advisor
Professor Anthony Marciano


Fixed Income


Growth Fund


Value Fund

Spring 2018 - Fixed Income Group

  • Yang Yang

  • Vikram Gulati

  • Zheng Zang

  • Tim Zhao

Spring 2018 - Growth Fund

  • Ben Okun

  • Julia Wagner

  • Natalie Sammarco

  • Rebecca Messner

  • Wei Wen

  • Amy Kim

  • Charles Perron-Piche

  • Divya Singaravelu

  • Neesha Khanna

  • Tim Zhao

  • Wenjun Wu

  • Doris Nan

  • Zheng Zang

  • Tina Kou

  • Yang Yang

Spring 2018 - Value Fund 

  • Alex Graff

  • Joe Deane

  • Carolyn Silverman

  • Eric Walters

  • Ila Agarwal

  • Matthew Parker

  • Vikram Gulati

  • Charles Wallace

  • Frances Smith

  • Parker Rankin

  • Samantha Wei